Specialty Services

Service Category: Custom Fabrication
  • Space for Desired Seating and Table
  • 2 Piece Fiberglass Back and Base Fitted with Underneath Storage
  • Finished Product
  • Removable Houser Hole Plug

It was desired to add built-in seating and table to maximize space and provide outdoor dining.  Fiberglass was selected for relative ease of fabrication and corrosion resistance.  It could have been built from Aluminum or Steel, but it was felt that fiberglass was the best choice.

Service Category: Boarding Ladders
  • Existing ladder prior to refit
  • Exiting transom after new paint
  • Extending existing swim platform
  • Fabricating anodized aluminum stairs
  • Finished product
  • Finished stairs with teak treads
  • Finished product
  • Finished swim platform stairs

Customer desired to improve accessibility on the classic 1964 Burger yacht to the aft deck for swimming and boarding of dingy and did not want a ladder but wanted stairs.  This was part of a major post purchase refit performed at Gillen Diesel & Marine Services.

Service Category: Custom Fabrication
  • 3D CAD Drawing
  • Step Detail
  • View looking Aft
  • Layout Sheet for CNC Waterjet Machine
  • Drawing with Finished Deminsions
  • Welding in Shop
  • After Primed - Fairing is Sprayed On
  • Install on Vessel with First Half of Rail Finished

This Aluminum stairs with Stainless Steel hand rails evolved from the original steel design.  The original design was an enclosed staircase that provided storage within.  It was felt that this would create far to much maintenance and it was desired to have a more open appearance.

Service Category: Refrigeration
  • Upside down view of fabricated freezer prior to installation
  • Fitting insulated box
  • Fitting fabricated freezer under existing center top
  • Nearly finished freezer product

The yacht required additional deep freezer space for carrying meats and flash freezing fish and lobster when caught.  The solution was to convert a rarely used grill area to accommodate this requirement.

Service Category: Custom Fabrication
  • Concept Drawing for new bar
  • Finished Product - Fiberglass custom built bar
  • Chilling station for wine and champagne
  • Trash Receptical
  • Electric, Plumbing and trash area

The customer wanted to remove an existing grill station from the fly bridge on and replace with a wine bar.  The in house design of the bar area to included an ice maker, refrigerator drawers and a station for keeping bottles of champagne and wine chilled.

Service Category: Boarding Ladders
  • Installed ladder in open position
  • Cam detail
  • Ladder in Stow position

This swim ladder was designed and installed with ease of entry in mind. The ladder also doubles as a safety device allowing a person to access the vessel in a man overboard scenario.   The ladder conveniently folds up and attaches to the vessel.  

Service Category: Refrigeration
  • Eskimo ice Chipper install

Insulated an existing storage box and use it for the Eskimo Ice Chipper install.

Service Category: Hull Extension
  • Original Aft Hull
  • 3D CAD rendering of Hull Extension
  • Detailed drawings for cutting of steel plates
  • Cutting into existing fuel tank
  • Steel plate Templates
  • Plates primed before being attached
  • Welding new hull plates
  • New Hull before splash

The Project Goal was to improve access towing and use of the tender. Also it provided easy access for swimming and aft boarding, add 500 gallons additional fuel capacity and improve overall performance.

Service Category: Custom Fabrication
  • Original Aft deck
  • First fitting of fiberglass insert
  • New Grill station

Steel hull vessel needed built in grilling station for aft deck.  Custom built fiberglass enclosure built for housing grill as well as extra storage.  Product was finished with Dupont MS600.

Service Category: Fuel Tank Replacement
  • Leaking steel fuel tank
  • Minimal clearance above tank
  • Cutting tank into pieces for removal
  • Half of tank removed
  • Cleaning area prior to tank reinstall
  • Trimming tank supports for new aluminum tanks
  • New sectional aluminum tanks in zinc epoxy primer

Older 1988 55' Jefferson had leaking steel fuel tanks.  In order to replace tanks with minimal amount of work tanks were cut in pieces and removed, then a new aluminum tank is fabricated by making 2 smaller tanks connecting them together with flanges.  

Service Category: Teak Decks
  • Original teak decks leaking badly and in poor condition
  • Original teak decks leaking badly and in poor condition
  • Removing original deck
  • Fiberglass deck under teak needed a great deal of repair, and removal of water from core
  • Fairing and filleting process
  • Post non skid paint, routing fiberglass for flush hinges
  • Finished fwd deck with flush hinges installed
  • Lower house, and transom was also painted

This customer had recently purchased this very nice Grand Banks, which unfortunately needed work on the deck, as well as some other changes, including new laundry center, TV cabinet, and other misc items.

Service Category: Teak Decks
  • Badly damaged teak decks
  • Removal of old decking
  • New decks finished
  • Aft deck after removal of old decking
  • Repairing aft deck
  • Damage under deck from leaking
  • Fiberglass repair underway
  • New decks

The aft decks were particularly in rough shape, the boat had been hit at the platform several times, cleats were not secure, bases for removable aft rails were rotten and badly damaged, hatch cores were saturated with water and an old fiberglass repair from a former fuel tank removal had failed.

Service Category: Outrigger install
  • Rupp outrigger install

28' single spreader Rupp outriggers -  top mount install plus installed several rod holders were added to the cockpit

Service Category: Boarding Ladders
  • Original side door
  • Hinged side door
  • New modified side door

This yacht customer desired to change the side boarding door which had previously blocked the deck to a door that opened out.

Service Category: Spur Install
  • New Spurs installed-note props w/Propspeed

Gillen Diesel installs new Spurs as well as maintains original equipment.