Paint Services

Service Category: Hull Paint
  • Before - Fiberglass Hull
  • After - Fiberglass Hull Paint Job

This 1976 Gulfstar 61' sailboat fiberglass hull was painted with Dupont Imron MS 600 paint system.

Service Category: Bottom Paint
  • Prep work for removal of existing bottom paint
  • Blister repair
  • Final product

This 61' Grand Banks is a regular into the yard each year.  The captain meteculously maintains this 20 year old vessel and stays ahead of all scheduled maintenance - thereby preserving the overall life of the yacht.

Service Category: Propspeed
  • PropSpeed - 70' Realship
  • Installed on Vessel

It has always been desirable to provide antifouling to propellers and other under water bronze components.  In the past this was accomplished by a 3 step process that was expensive and short lived.