Mechanical Services for Yachts

Service Category: Generators
  • 21KW Phasor Generator install
  • 1 of 2 21kw Generators installed

This vessel required a new generator.  The 21kw Phasor was selected and installed. 

Service Category: Engine overhauls
  • 3208 CAT overhaul-port engine
  • 3208 Cat overhaul-stbd engine
  • 3208 CAT overhaul-port engine
  • 3208 CAT overhaul-port engine
  • 3208 CAT overhaul-port engine

Both these CAT 3208 engines were severely damaged when salt water flow was stopped due to debris.  Engines were removed from the vessel, then completely overhauled in our shop.

Service Category: ventilation system
  • one of two powerful 3phase ventilation motors
  • Engine Room distribution
  • Auto or manual closing vents
  • 105' Fedship
  • New intake vent grill
  • Movable ER discharge, note custom plenum
  • New side discharge/suction grille

This beautiful older Fedship required the engine room ventilation system to be replaced.  It was also required to improve the original system significantly, with improved flow and an automatic closing feature for fire supression.

Service Category: Watermaker
  • Installing 700 gpd HRO Safari Modular Water maker
  • Boost pump, hi pressure pump, pre-filters for water maker

This 1964 Burger had the old style crawl in engine room space where space and access was a premium.  This boat was part of a major post purchase refit performed by Gillen Diesel.

Service Category: Watermaker
  • HRO Seafari 700GPD Watermaker install

The yacht needed an Watermaker so the HRO 700 GPD was speced and installed

Service Category: Watermaker
  • HRO Watermaker
  • HRO Watermaker

This vessel needed a watermaker.  The HRO watermaker was specified and installed

Service Category: Generators
  • Field overhaul of4045 50KW John Deere Generator
  • Considerable wear and aging of all components
  • Genset prior to test run and finish paint
  • Looking forward from generator area
  • At the dock in San Diego

Originally we installed this John Deere 4045 AFM generator new during this Gillen Diesel 1997 major refit of this 1993  90 'Swan.

Service Category: Engine Services
  • Faulty hydraulic pump on transmission
  • Engine room
  • Condition of injectors
  • Badly plugged transmission screen
  • Badly scored transmission pump housing with failed bearings
  • Turbo charger intake heavy oil residue
  • Adjusting valves
  • Serviced 100KW John Deere generator

Customer was coming in for overdue routine engine service and also complained of low gear oil pressure in one of the transmissions.

Service Category: Overhauls
  • Prepping for Sand blasting
  • Sand blasted, overhauled cylinder now ready for painting
  • Original rotational bearings
  • Boom cylinder ready for paint
  • Final product with new cover

A Nautical Structures 2500lb Davit was completely stripped down to bare metal and components.   The metal parts were then sand blasted, primed and finished with DuPont product paints.

Service Category: Watermaker
  • New HRO Watermaker install - 50' Grand Banks

Installed the HRO Safari 1400 GPD modular watermaker unit with commercial pre-filters.  By uitlizing a modular unit this provided the ability to install a large capacity watermaker in a small vessel which is what the owner required.  

Service Category: Stabilizer
  • Building Aluminum plate stabilizer support
  • Stabilizer base plate installed
  • Stabilizer, dual piston, aluminum hull

This 99' Weis was extended to 129' vessel.  Gillen Diesel installed 16 sq ft DSP 4803 Wesmar at anchor stabilization fin in this aluminum hulled yacht.

Service Category: Generators
  • New Phasor Generator Install - 50' Grand banks

The original 9.5 KW Onan was far to small to operate the watermaker, eskimo ice chipper and existing electrical load.  The new 17.5 Phasor Generator with sound shield replaced the original Onan.

Service Category: Engine overhauls
  • Interior covered with door skin for protection
  • Prior to Piston removal
  • Failed antisiphon valve
  • Replaced cooling system antisiphon valve
  • Hoist equipment used to raise motor
  • TAMD Volvo overhaul nearly finished
  • Finished product

This 1993 90' Swans' Volvo engine was originally overhauled during a 1997 refit period at Gillen Diesel and Marine.

Service Category: Stabilizer
  • Equipment needed to be relocated prior to actuator install
  • Grinding area for mounting block - note vacuum line to outside boat
  • Laminated block in place
  • Modifying stabilizer fin
  • Faring modified stabilizer fin
  • Fitting modified fin - note lifting strakes on hull outside of fin
  • Finished Wesmar 9' stabilizer
  • Actuator installed

This vessel was not equipped with stabilizers and was desired by owner.  Proper location for fin required the relocation of much of the equipment in the engine room.

Service Category: Bow/Stern Thruster
  • Fabricated aluminum motor mount
  • Welded mount to custom rolled 12" tube
  • Motor installed and tested prior to final installation

Wesmar Electric 12" dual prop Bow Thruster install on this 66' Burger

Service Category: Bow/Stern Thruster
  • Failed Thruster
  • Rebuilding Gear Box
  • Rebuilding Wesmar Dual Gear Box
  • Overhauled unit reinstalled on vessel

The 12' single prop Wesmar bow thruster unit had locked up and upon dissambly found oil was badly burnt and upper seal leaking.  This unit had never been serviced since newly installed 15 years ago.

Service Category: Bow/Stern Thruster
  • Wesmar Fiberglass/ hydraulic Stern Thruster install
  • Wesmar Fiberglass/ hydraulic Stern Thruster install
  • Wesmar Fiberglass/ hydraulic Stern Thruster install
  • Wesmar Fiberglass/ hydraulic Stern Thruster install
  • Wesmar hydraulic Stern Thruster

The owner of this beautiful  86' San Lorenzo wanted to add a Wesmar Stern thruster