Custom Carpentry

Service Category: Custom Carpentry
  • teredo worm damage on wooden hull vessel
  • Making template for new plank
  • Pre swelling new plank
  • Final product prior to launch

This boat was leaking heavily.  We suspected this was due to  worm damage.  This wooden vessel had previously lived up north in fresh water.  Warm southern salt water create the right environment for teredo worms to bore into unprotected wooden vessels.  The vessel was hauled and worm issues deal

Service Category: Custom Carpentry
  • Custom Teak Fold up TV cabinet
  • Fitting prior to final install
  • Customer supplied monitor
Customer wanted something relatively simple for the TV monitor, this worked out quite well, finished with Eppifannes satin. a new headliner was also installed
Service Category: Custom Carpentry
  • Former stateroom beginning to be converted to Laundry center
  • Fitting equipment
  • Washer/Dryer installed, with folding table
  • Washer/Dryer installed, with folding table
  • Canvas cover fitted
  • Very clean and out of sight
This cruising couple needed a laundry room, not an extra stateroom, so a decision was made to convert the port guest stateroom to a laundry center complete with folding/work table.
Service Category: Custom Carpentry
  • TV Cabinet with Lift 68' Viking

Fabricated a new cabinet and installed a lift for the TV on this 68' Viking.