Custom Exterior Staircase - 70' Realship

This Aluminum stairs with Stainless Steel hand rails evolved from the original steel design.  The original design was an enclosed staircase that provided storage within.  It was felt that this would create far to much maintenance and it was desired to have a more open appearance.  The aluminum stairs are also removable to ease painting and repair in the future if required.  They were attached used islolation techniques to prevent galvanic corrosion.  It was also desired to have lights which were incorporated beneath each stair in the original construction to avoid corrosion.  Corrosion resistance was the paramount concern in this designa as well as all of our designs with metal boats.  The DuPont Imron MS600 system with DuPont Alumistick epoxy primer was utilized.

Referenced Project

IMPERVIOUS is a 1995 Real Ships steel hulled vessel. Over a 4 year period she came into the yard for a series of extensive interior and exterior refits to meet the cruising needs of this vessel. The initial interior refit was focused on modifying the crew quarters.