Blister Repair & Paint - 61' Grand Banks

This 61' Grand Banks is a regular into the yard each year.  The captain meteculously maintains this 20 year old vessel and stays ahead of all scheduled maintenance - thereby preserving the overall life of the yacht.  This particular yard period due to the age of this vessel the bottom was developing blisters and therefore needed to be repaired.  The bottom was shaved and ground down up to the base gelcoat.  Each individual blister was ground down and filled with vinaylester putty consisting of milled fibers and Cabosil was then added to all the ground blister area.  The entire bottom area was then coated with 2 full layers of tuff stuff epoxy barrier coat.  The bottom paint was hot coated into the second layer of barrier coat creating an exceptional bond.  One additional coat of bottom paint completed the job.  Propspeed was added to the props before launch.