AFT Setee Built In - 70' Realship

It was desired to add built-in seating and table to maximize space and provide outdoor dining.  Fiberglass was selected for relative ease of fabrication and corrosion resistance.  It could have been built from Aluminum or Steel, but it was felt that fiberglass was the best choice. It was also desired to plug the upper cleats so that their use in the future could be utilized if required.  The plugs were intended to keep rain water and moisture out of the storage area.  

A dining table was fabricated from PVC with a folding leaf and painted with DuPont Imron MS600 to match.  The table can accommodate up to 8 people.  The upholstry is Sunbrella and custom covers finish the job.

Referenced Project

IMPERVIOUS is a 1995 Real Ships steel hulled vessel. Over a 4 year period she came into the yard for a series of extensive interior and exterior refits to meet the cruising needs of this vessel. The initial interior refit was focused on modifying the crew quarters.